Bill Zickos made his first set for Iron Butterfly in 1969.  In the following months roughly a couple of dozen sets were custom made for groups like The Who, Three Dog Night, Jefferson Airplane, some local Kansas City groups, and a host of others. Production was handled strictly by Bill Zickos, his stepson and a few of his”senior” drum students.  Iin 1970, Bill opened his first manufacturing plant in a Kansas City suburb and began turning out his first production model: the Zickos “400” set.  Later on, Bill ended up leaving the company due to differences with the investors . At the end of the 1970s the company closed its doors.  About 1994 Bill negotiated the purchase of the old Zickos equipment and regained possession shortly thereafter. By the latter part of the 1990s, Bill Zickos was back in full production. [Source: Zickos]


Image Vintage 1970’s Zickos Brand Acrylic Drums eBay:

Vintage 1970's Zickos Brand Acrylic Drums