Ziata GuitarsZiata guitar headstock 2000 to present George Ziatas is a South Australian classical guitar maker specialising in lattice braced carbon fibre reinforced guitars. He has been making guitars since 1990, professionally since the year 2000. [Source: Australian Guitar Centre]

Dating Ziata guitars and serial numbers

“The year of manufacture is on the label viewed through the sound hole with my signature on the label written in black pen.  I used to have a serial number on the label which I  used as an indicator of all the construction details for my own personal logs. I stopped using the serial numbers some time in mid 2006 and at 099 guitars. The serial numbers started at 001 then progressed counting up to 099.

After 2006 I have been indicating the year of manufacture on the label only. I also photograph each guitar with details listed and log them for my own archives.

If anyone needs to authenticate one of my guitars or get specific information , they can contact me with there info request at info@ziataguitars.com .

I have always used my original headstock shape with the exception of my no.001 and no.002 guitar.” [Source: George Ziatas, email 9/3/2009]