Zero 1994 to present “All Zero’s are one offs, the first one was made in 1994 as an experiment, I had been a full time player for some 35+ yrs, and wanted to build a guitar of aluminum for slide guitar. This guitar is pictured on the Info contact page of thewebsite. It played great & sounded unique. That was sold to a local player and is in use to this day. That was the beginning & I continued refining the guitars.

I’ve built 48 since then many are custom order’s, all lapsteels with palm pedals have been custom orders. Early Zeros have aluminum with a black photo sensitive coating. Maybe 4 of them? One is made with plastic back, sides, aluminum & Spruce top. All other’s are aluminum sides, back & top. Some tops were either Koa, Spalted maple or quilt maple, these are all pictured on the website. Titanium has been used on some later models for sides.
Dating Zero guitars
ID on early ones, first 8 is a signature or nothing in pickup cavity. All Zero’s after that have plate at bottom strap button with month & year plus # of guitar ie.  032 would be the 32nd made. Some also have serial # and or signature in one of the pickup cavities.

This is a one person operation conducted in shop at home, all handmade, necks made to spec. by USA Guitars.” [Source: Gene Nygaard, Zero Guitars, email 23/7/2008]

Seattle, Washington, USA