Zerberus Guitars 2002 to present Frank Scheucher (b 1965), Germany.

“I launched the Zerberus-Guitars brand in 2002 but I started building custom guitars for my personal use when I was 14 years old. But that was no Zerberus.

The guitars are build according to my plans and designs in a custom shop in Korea but I make handcrafted custom guitars according to customers requests in Germany, too.

The standard series are made in Korea and the special custom guitars are made by my person in Speyer/Germany.

Dating Zerberus Guitars
The actual guitars have serial numbers on the back of the headstock.
Here you can see what series the guitar is and the year it is built.
For example: H20032007 stands for H2 = Hydra Series 2 / 003 = Serial number 003 / 2007 = built in 2007.

The same with the Morpheus II for example M20512006
The Hydra I and Morpheus I has no serial number because it was the first series.
I will keep the serial number system for all the future Zerberus-Guitars.
Moreover on the back of the headstock you can find my signature.

[Source and images courtesy of  Frank Scheucher, email 25/1/2009]

Zerberus guitar