Wilkat guitarsWilkat guitar headstock 2001 to present Wilkat, handmade guitars and basses.

Wilkat guitar story

“I hand make all my instruments here in my home in Montreal, Canada. Each instrument gets a serial number which is usually located on the back of  the the wood control covers on a label of authenticity. These normally include the date of manufacture, as well as the initials of the customer, or the initials of the model if it was done for more than one person. This is rare though since most of what I build is “one of a kind”, and thus truly a personal custom instrument–unless it gets sold!

An example of these labels is in the attached photo–but I don’t do them all exactly the same, and sometimes I will add a serial number elsewhere in the body (and I have used, and will do so only by request, a hidden identification device called a Snagg Microchip, that can be registered on line, and can be detected by a special scanner, in the event it is ever lost or stolen. (The registration can be updated if or when the instrument is sold to another owner, and is maintained by the manufacturer of this Microchip). The running number located after the initials is the production number, (but again, they rarely go past one, since most are truly one of a kind), followed by the date of manufacture. I also randomly change my signature on these to prevent forgeries, or misuse of my signature, and it’s not the one I sign legal documents with (to protect me further–particularly important as “identity theft” attempts have been made on me, but I remain vigilant against such things).

I make electric guitars and basses both with or without headstocks, but  I have been taking a sabbatical lately…Even when building regularly, I have kept production low (about 6 instruments per year, up to a maximum of 12), to ensure the high quality and integrity of my work.

I set up shop in 2001 and have done a variety of instruments, however more custom basses than guitars, since bass players tend to be more open to new things (I refuse to do copies of Stratocasters, Les Pauls, and the like, although I have done designs that are inspired by a few better known models, but never copies per se).

Instruments with headstocks (see attached photo example) will normally bear my Logo of Wilkat Guitars, as well as the model name, and customer’s name for signature models. I do not produce any of my own hardware or pickups, etc., but use well respected brand name products from the marketplace. Graphite composite necks when used, are also purchased from outside sources. ” [Source and Wilkat headstock and control plate label: Bill Wilkat, email 7/8/2008 ]

Wilkat guitar control plate label

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