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1999 to present
Wildwood Instruments began making full size acoustic guitars in 1999. The dates of manufacture were included in the serial numbers. In 2004 Travel guitars, mandolins, fiddles and dulcimers began to be produced. The early ones were not clearly labeled with dates or serial numbers. In 2005 each label included a serial number and the year in which it was built. If the label is missing from an instrument it is also signed and dated on the underside of the soundboard. You will need a mirror and torch to find the inscription.  There is no logo on my headstocks, however, the Wildwood range is so unique there should be no mistaking it for another brand. [Source: Nick Carpenter, Wildwood email 13/8/2008 ]

Nick Carpenter established Wildwood Instruments in 1999 in Perth, Western Australia. He relocated to Melbourne in 2007 and celebrated the opening of his first shop 18 April 2008.  Brunswick, Victoria, Australia

Update 25 February 2017 from Nick’s web site:

In 2009 The 10th anniversary was celebrated with the introduction of the Weissenbaby. Nicks own invention, a mini slide guitar.
In 2011 The Wildwood Sessions began. Acoustic jam sessions held each month in the shop.
In 2013 Wildwood Instruments relocated to Mount Franklin. This was a new direction for Wildwood, choosing to stop making the range of small, affordable instruments they were synonymous with and focus on instrument making classes as well as more one off instrument creations. As there was no workshop at the new location the business went on hold until a new workshop was built..
In 2015 Nick finished building the new workshop.
In 2016 the new electric guitar courses were launched.