Westone late 1970s to early 1990s Contrary to what you may read on some sites Westone did not start with Matsumoku, rather production commenced in late 1970s ? in Europe and available only in Europe and Australia. Japanese manufacture by Matsumoku commenced in 1981 as the brand entered America. The rights to Westone were sold to St Louis Music (SLM) in 1984. SLM co-branded their existing Electra line as Electra-Westone but the Electra brand did not last.

In 1987, Matsumoko dropped guitar manufacturing and SLM was forced to move Westone production to Korea.

Westone only survived a few more years, with SLM ceasing production sometime in early 1991.

Sometime in the early 1990s, Westone reappeared in England with a new model line and direction. Musik-Meyer of Germany had bought the rights to the Westone name and tried to revive the line with FCN Music in the early 1990s but it did not last long. [Source: geocities.com/rhynster/ ]

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