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The first digit is the is the last digit of the year..Ex..17899..made in 1981 [Source: facebook]



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“…as of November of 2003, “Westbury guitars Inc.” is back in business and will have their product out by mid summer. These guitars are high end but affordable and not made at Matsumoku or in Japan, rather, right here in the U.S.A.—100% U.S.A. made guitars. Other high-end guitars say they are made in the U.S. and indeed are not. It is my obligation to expose companies like Brian Moor and PRS who have their guitars made over seas in Korea and assembled here in the U.S. and are legally allowed to put the U.S.A. stamp on their product. There may never be an Uncle Mat again but there will always be an Uncle Sam and Westbury Guitars Inc. realizes this and that’s why there will be a 100% USA made stamp on the new line of Westbury Guitars. (Not at all affiliated with Univox)
Prototypes are being made in PA and LA and Westbury Guitars Inc. is very close to Ok-ing the design and will begin production in April. Low serial numbered models can be ordered through www.westburyguitars.com and the site will also have a ton of information on the vintage models.
Westbury Guitars Inc. P.O.Box 10582 Westbury N.Y. 11590-3226 info@westburyguitars.com [Source:Guitarsite]

This web site was not running at March 2010 and the Waybackmachine had some pages from 2004 to 2007.

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