Wendler 2000 to present Dave Wendler makes Electro acoustics in Kansas, USA

“The guitars are serialized on the back of the peghead….

I’m up to about #180 right now, although there are a few more “prototypes” out in the world, which AREN’T numbered.

I finished my first run of five instruments in March of 2000.

The instruments are built at my house, where I have three areas set up for business…woodworking shop; paint area/set up room, and studio/office.

I started building my own necks at about #45….the commercial necks can be identified by “six on a side” and the standard flat Fender peghead geometry all with maple necks/rosewood boards. ¬†All three on a side for the guitars, and 2X2 basses I made the necks. I’ve made the necks on all of the mandolins.

Any one can write to me about the instruments and I can get a lot closer on dating them. But, about 20-25 instruments a year production totals.” [Source: Dave Wendler, email 6/8/2008 ]Wendler guitar serial number