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Wells Custom Drums is a Canadian, family run business dedicated to producing high quality, hand crafted, maple drums at reasonable prices. We guarantee you will not be disappointed with Wells drums.

At Wells Custom Drums we use only the best materials and hardware to ensure that you will be completely satisfied with your drum’s look and performance.

Shells are 100% maple available in 5, 6, 8, or 10 ply, with or without rings, in standard or power sizes allowing the drummer to design his or her own custom set.

Specialty finishes range from hand rubbed satin to high gloss lacquer in virtually any combination of colours. A wide variety of sparkle, pearl and gloss wraps are also available.

Bearing edge cutting, sanding, and all final finishing is done by hand.

All snares and toms feature 2.3mm triple flanged hoops in chrome, black or brass. Bass drums feature 10 ply maple hoops with or without inlay cut. Die cast counterhoops are also available in 13″ and 14″ snare sizes in chrome, black or brass.

Lugs and claw hooks are die cast chrome, black or brass and are shock mounted. Bass drums are complete with high quality pro spurs while RIMS mounts are recommended for toms. Finally, all drums are fitted with the drummers choice of Aquarian drumheads.

Wells Custom Drums founder?Wells Custom Drums
Bruce St.
Brantford, Ontario, Canada
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Kit prices 2003

16 x 20 BASS
10 x 10 TOM
10 x 12 TOM
10 x 14 TOM
5.5 x 14 SNARE $2450.00

16 x 22 BASS
9 x 13 TOM
16 x 16 FLOOR TOM
5 x 14 SNARE $2195.00

16 x 22 BASS
10 x 10 TOM
10 x 12 TOM
16 x 16 FLOOR TOM
6 x 14 SNARE $2450.00

20 x 18 BASS
10 x 12 TOM
11 x 13 TOM
16 x 18 FLOOR TOM
5 x 14 SNARE $2650.00



Thanks to Ben Van Dyk for tipping me off about this brand January 2017.  Information sourced from Wayback Machine. The web site was available from 2001-2012.

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Tom Wells

Wells snare