Weissenborn 1920s – 1930s Hermann C. Weissenborn a German piano and violinmaker immigrated to New York around 1902. In 1910 he moved to Los Angeles where he mainly did repair work on instruments until the end of the decade. With the Hawaiian music boom of the early 20’s, Weissenborn started making ukeleles, flattops and eventually his captivating Hawaiian steel guitars.

With their raised string action, frets flush with the fingerboard, square hollow necks and featherweight koa wood construction the Weissenborns offered both greater volume and sustain than conventional Spanish neck guitars for Hawaiian lap steel playing. Due to their sweet timbre, expressive tone and eye-catching design these guitars were an instant hit and stayed in demand until the advent of the Nationals and Dobros. Hermann Weissenborn died in 1937 amidst debts and declining business for his shop. [Source:http://www.christiaanoyens.com.br/weissenborneng.htm ]

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