WaZoo Custom WaZoo Custom Guitars by Dan Wagner. Following text is the introduction at the WaZoo site on the internet archive:

“Here at WaZoo Custom Guitars, there are no automated processes.  No CNC machines whir in the back, and no state of the art computer spits out the curves, and lines of your custom guitar. Everything we do here is done by hand. Each contour on a WaZoo Custom Guitar is lovingly carved out from exotic hardwoods by hand, one at a time. Each nuance of the artwork instrument is fleshed out by the hands of a master craftsman, who has spent years in the art of working wood into music. The pride and care put into making these uniqe masterpieces is not possible at the end of an assembly line. The joy of owning a WaZoo Custom Guitar is in knowing that this instrument was made for you, and there is no other “one like that”Here there are no templates, no standard models, and no rigid designs, “Here at WaZoo Custom Guitars, we never cut corners… We carve them by hand”.

WaZoo 2005 pricelist