Wayne Pro 2 1983-1985 Based on a question about Wayne Pro Guitars at Vintaxe Forum I had previously incorrectly  linked the Wayne Pro 2 image to Wayne Guitars (Charvel) above.  I am grateful to an update as follows:

“You have a picture listed under Wayne Guitars of a Wayne Pro 2. This guitar is in no way associated with the Charvels. I have contacted them and they confirm this. I just thought you would want to know so as to not confuse anyone…[Source: Ian Laliberte, email 3/6/2010]

One was sold online in Brisbane, Australia in 2010 for only $200 so this suggests not a high quality instrument.

I was contacted in September 2016 by Justin Weekes who advised Wayne Pro 2 guitars were made between 1983 and 1985. His own guitar was “Purchased from Fitzroy Melbourne 1983. My version of this guitar is a start copy but has lock neck and tremolo. Mine was custom orderd and I believe they were produced by a local guitar maker. Cost my parents 275 dollars in 1983 will restore one day.”Wayne guitar logo

If you compare the W script on the logo above you can see there is a similarity with one of the logos for Wayne brand guitars from Australia.