Walker (Kramer) 1981 In 1980-1981, Kramer had come up with an idea to introduce a wood necked guitar, but didn’t want to take away from their existing market share of Aluminum necks, or didn’t want to de-brand themselves from that image. LaPlaca and Berardi came up with the idea to start “Walker” guitars, which in essence was their first stab into the wood neck market. About 6 different prototype models were produced, and a catalog was designed to go with the new line. LaPlaca stated in a June 2003 interview that they hired a guy to manage the program, referred to them by Dimarzio. LaPlaca also stated that the whole Walker line only lasted 6-8 months, and it is not known whether or not any production models were ever produced. Later on, according to an ex-Kramer employee, the line was dropped because Kramer had a hard time mastering the wood neck creation process, and later went with outside vendors to produce wood necks for those models. [Source: Cifra Club]

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