“Walden guitars were made in a town called Lilan since 1996. Lilan is a small town located about a 2 hour drive south of Beijing, China.  Website not available from 2016.

All Walden guitar models are built there beginning with milling and seasoning through final setup and inspection.Principal designer and Fretted Instrument Division Manager, Jonathan Lee, lives in Portland, Oregon, USA. Jonathan learned the craft of guitar building during the ’90s as a partner at the handmade guitar shop CFox Guitars, located in Healdsburg, CA.Walden’s parent company is KHS Musical Instruments who has been building instruments for 75+ years and is located in Taiwan. KHS is primarily known for the drum brand MAPEX, wind instrument brand JUPITER, and stand brand HERCULES.
Dating Walden guitars

The first 2 digits of the SN written on our label connote the year of manufacture. The rest of the serial number is sequential beginning that year.” [Source: Jonathan Lee, Walden Guitars, email 22/9/2008]


2002 Walden catalog

2009 Walden catalog

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Walden Review Book

Image courtesy of Walden guitars:

Walden guitar label