Wal bassesWal bass headstock 1978-late 2007. Restarted in 2009 1976 Wal bass guitars emerged, when session player John G. Perry asked Ian Waller (“Wal” to his friends), to build a bass that would combine the best features of the Fender and Gibson basses of the time.

Wal and his business partner Pete Stevens (a highly skilled wood-machinist and experienced sound engineer) began a short run of Custom basses, the “JG” series, named after the owner of the first of these, John Gustafson, and its short-scale “JP” sister model based on John G. Perry’s.

Virtually every component of the instrument, with the exception of the tuners, was designed from the ground up. The heart of each bass was the revolutionary Wal pickup, which has remained virtually unchanged ever since and is still unrivalled in the sheer range of detail and power it provides.
In 1978 the ‘Electric Wood’ company was formed and began production of the Wal Pro Bass., the first production line instrument. With its innovative electronics and fine build quality, the Pro Bass soon became a market leader and Electric Wood was thriving.

July 1988 Wal died suddenly of a heart attack at age 43. Pete decided to continue building, ably assisted by his dedicated team.

In 1994 Wal 6-string bass introduced. [Source: Wal basses]

Dating Wal bass guitars

See the date written on the masking tape under the control cover.


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History of Wal Basses

1994 Wal brochure http://www.subidiom.com/wal/

Images 1979 Wal eBay:

Wal bass date of manufacture on end of neck 

Wal control plate 1982 Mark 1 ebay