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violent guitars 9/8/2013 Flag guitars | Guitar valuation | Pedal Boards

Fender guitar colors from 1950s cars

US Patent for a Gun Guitar

Guitarist October 1989 Gun guitar scan [Source: Franck Chanut, email 4/2/2013

Charvel RedRum  - The Shining

Vline sword by Vincent Berton, France 1980s.

Vincent Berton VLine Sword black

ESP Angel Sword

Angel sword guitar buy ESP Sword guitars

Charvel swords

Japanese guitar swords Murder weapon guitar

Samaki kyomoto Samurai BM Music

Charvel Skull n Crossbones

Skull n Crossbones guitar

Jackson Kelly Custom

Zap like batman

Kramer Grim Reaper

Kramer Grim Reaper gutiar Grim reaper guitar

Axe guitar                                                                   1981 Kramer Axe - Kiss - hand signed by Gene Simmons

Guitar aze Kramer axe guitar

Edwards E-P-152A, original [003] model limited to 120 made, seymour duncans, kick-ass flight case, comes with lazer gun too.

Edwards guitar with matching pistol

Washburn Murder Weapon guitar:

Washburn murder weapon guitar

Hondo M16

Hondo M16 guitar

By Zolla

Laurel AK47

Laurel AK47 guitar

Johnson guitar AK47

Johnson AK47 guitar

JC Harper Stormbringer

Harper Stormbringer guitar

Maestro AK47

Maestro AK47 guitar

RB Sculpture Assault Rifle

RB Sculpture Assault Rife guitar

Unknown from Freaking News

M16 guitar

Gundam Heat Hawk

Gundam Heat Hawk guitar

ESP Atreyu Signature

ESP murder weapon Flying V guitar Samurai sword guitar

Branch guitars rifle

Rifle guitar

The following guitar with a hidden gun compartment was found on ebay and was made in Italy, 1930s-40s.

Guitar from Italy with hidden gun compartment Guitar with hidden gun compartment

Steampunk Gun Guitar
1980s Strat (copy) is heavily Steampunk modified by renowned Motown artist/performer Steve Brook. This fully functional guitar features highly detailed gun effect with floating sights, cocking mechanism, LED flashing glass crystals, leather wrapped hand grip. From ebay.

Steampunk guitar

Landmine effects pedal from Canada

Landmine effects pedal

Shark guitar from eBay

Shark guitar

Colt Peacemaker designed by Jim Cairnes from Vintaxe

Cole peacemaker guitar

Zemaitis Macabre guitar - copy of a 1975 Keith Richards guitar - eBay Feb 2011

Zemaitis guitar

Kurt Schoen guitars


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