Tolvanen Tolvanen guitars are made by Timo Tolvanen. Born in Finland but lives in Sydney, Australia.”I have been building guitars for over 10 years plus I have a long history playing, writing and recording music. I bring to guitar building a working player’s perspective rather than just a craftsman’s approach but enough of this self –promotion J.
With regard to serial numbers, I really haven’t included this with my fully hand-made models (JN316 and Rapture models) possibly because they aren’t mass-produced so I didn’t see the need. However, with my next batch I will be adding serial numbers. Interestingly, I have written “Timo” with a smiley face and date of completion onto the neck pocket of the JN316 although you have to take the neck off to see it.
As for the guitars that I finish from “shells” (guitars that come to me with neck and body mostly finished but require fretwork, saddles, bridges, nuts, electrics setup etc) I have serial numbers. The Tolvanen Angel falls into this category eg TA0910 (10th one built in 2009). There were only 12 of these built. All have been sold. I am not sure if I will continue with this model as I can’t get the same price for the shells anymore. I would have to bring the price up significantly or build them from scratch and charge $4000 plus. This would really go against my philosophy of producing world-class guitars at affordable prices.
The new Tolvanen OM Acoustics have a standard label inside the soundhole with build date clearly listed.
Over the years I have also built quite a few totally customized guitars or Strat and Tele style guitars. These often had serial numbers eg TTG6103 (Tolvanen Tele Guitar 2006 number 3) or TMB5102 (Tolvanen Moose Bass 2005 number 2). However, this system was also a little random at times.
If anyone is uncertain if they have a genuine Tolvanen guitar, they are always welcome to contact me. I remember every guitar that I have built.” [Source: Timo Tolvanen, email 24/4/2010]