Thomas J Wray ~2004 to present I am Thomas J. Wray, a builder of custom steel and nylon stringed instruments.  I built my first guitar when I was in my early teens under my father’s direction.  I did not build any more instruments until I was in my thirties and then only as a hobby.  My interest and proficiency increased slowly and I started to produce as a full time endeavour in 2007.

Dating Thomas J Wray guitars

All my guitars have a label in the usual spot, visible from the sound hole & glued to the back. Earlier models are dated on the label by month & year

E.g.: 11~2004 while more current models have a serial number stamped on the neck block.  E.g.: 42008 means fourth guitar of 2008.  All my instruments are also signed and dated inside, on the sound board, lower bout, treble side, just before the box is closed up. See attached photos.  I produce 12 to 16 custom instruments per year in a small basement studio in our home, Burnaby, BC, Canada.” [Source: Tom  Wray, email 14/8/2008 ]

Thomas J Wray guitar label