Thierry Andre Luthier 1997 to present “I started to manufacture instruments (in Canada) under my name in 1997.

Besides making guitars, I also have been building smaller (gourd, hollow burl, coconut) middle east and Africa inspired instruments that I have come to call ‘creations’. The gourd instruments are becoming more and more popular.

Identification for guitars:

– hand written inside body, china ink pen (acoustic and archtops), under neck pickup, china ink pen (electrics);;; labeled: Thierry AndrĂ©, no.1 to no. 25, Montreal, year.

Identification for creations:

-hand written on peghead (china ink pen under finish) and inside resonator with paper label.

Labeled: Thierry André, no. c-1 to no. c-59, Montreal, year.

I am still making instruments, and numbers should go up in the years to come.” [Source: email Thierry Andre, 27/5/2008 ]