Teuffel 1984 – present In Ulrich Teuffel’s own words:
“I’ve been building guitars since 1984, only electric guitars since 1988. During my studies of Product-Design from 1992 until 1997, I had the opportunity to get to know my work from a standpoint other than that of traditional craftsmanship. Alongside completely other projects, at this time, the first thoughts about instruments like the birdfish and the tesla emerged.Every good luthier knows with which construction and material a certain sound is obtained. The artistry lies in giving the instrument a very distinct appearance or effect along with the sound. I see my instruments as absolute. This means that every instrument has a certain symbolic meaning and function in the Pop-complex. One can compare this to the clothing that we wear. We select clothing according to function, e.g. job, sport, winter clothing, etc., as well as according to an expression of fashion with which we then distinguish ourselves. So will one, as a musician, decide which statement he wants to achieve with his choice of instrument.” [Source: Wayback Machine]

How to tell when Tueffel gutiars are made?

“I don’t write the date on the guitar itself but all the birdfishs have got serial numbers. So I can track the date of manufacturing.” [Source Ulrich Teuffel, email, 11 Mar 2008]

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