Telesforo Julve 1918-1975

Note that Ton Bogaard from Holland is the expert on Telesforo Julve instruments. He advises that Julve started producing under his name in 1918 with the brand made in Valencia until 1975.

Ton has developed an excellent web resource on Telesforo Julve, Salvador Ibanez and Andreas Mari

Ton has also made available a Telesforo_julve_LABEL SUMMARY series of guitars with explanatory notes and also a supplementary page on Armengol_Julve.

The photos below of a flamenco guitar made around 1931-1944 courtesy of Paul Stevens, Australia in January 2017 prior to parting with the instrument. Thanks to Tom Bogaard for dating this item.









The following information has been provided by Paul – advice from some experts.

“Rainer Krause said he had a guitar like mine  and that it was built somewhere between 1880 & 1910 and mostly put together by Salvador Ibanez. The scratch Plate is not an original part. However, as for a more precise date, as the sticker inside my guitar shows a telephone number it would be safe to say that my guitar was actually made sometime after 1932.

My guitar is definitely made in Spain and not Mexico

Below are a couple of emails I received regarding my guitar

FROM  –   Michael Dunn

Maestro Jose Orti worked for Telesforo Julve before working for the guitar shop in Mallorca where I worked. Don’t know much about the shop except that during the Spanish Civil War ( of thereabouts, he moved his shop to Mexico. The shop was in Valencia and their guitars were typical Valencian walnut guitars. I saw a few when I was in Spain. Orti had a number that was written on the brace just inside the soundhole but I can’t remember what that number was. That’s how the guitars were identified as to who assembled them. There’s lots of bits and pieces about Julve if you google him. I saw no reference to Mexico though…….

FROM   –   Ton Bogaard []

that is most interesting.  The signs on the lower part I knew (LITOG = Litografia = printer) and the adress Pelaya, 16 was some 5 minutes walk from the convento S Francisco, 4.

The other signs on the right I can read now:  MADE IN SPAIN  and I see same text on the truss bar below the label: MADE IN SPAIN. So it is 2 times made in Spain.

Are there more signs on other truss bars??

The address Mariana Pineda was in use 1931 – 1944 appr. I think Julve got his telephone conn’n 1932. I do not know what the situation on mother of pearl was in the spanish civil war and the 2nd wwar. It could have been difficult and that would make it very possible the guitar is from the era of 1932-1936.

I was surprised learning about the head number. Up till now I encountered head numbers over here in Holland only. This was done by the importer van Wouw Amsterdam. I have not found a list with numbers and years.

I doubt if your guitar has been in Amsterdam to be stamped by van Wouw. I noted that type of digits differs and the number is quite high if 1932-36 is right. All my known numbers are read from the front of the guitar, not from the backside

The lowest number I have found so far is 2077 and I estimate it is from 1945-1950………………..mmmmmmmm I enclose my own Julve for the digit type

Do you know how it came to Australia ? Are there more Julves in Australia? And could it be a number from another Julve agent?

Thanks for all the pictures

Kind regard from Holland