Tausch 1995- Tausch electric guitars. Custom built guitars made in Illertissen, Germany

Made since “1995, Bayern (Bavaria) / Germany .

How can someone tell the date of manufacture?

Difficullt for the first production years. A date can be found in the electric cave, but not in all guitars. From 2012 on, the 665 Models have a Serial No, at the Neck. It can be seen, when the Neck pu is screwed down very deep. The Number is a combimation of month / year / first, second… third etc. For example 091303 means “the third guitar built in Sept. 2013”

Logo has changed two times. From 1995 – 97 there was a “T” made of Aluminum or Brass mounted on the headstock. After that I used a Logo/Inlay made of Abalone or black plastic, since 2012 there are decals on the guitars headstocks.
Some Custom Guitars have my personal signature on the headstock or body. [Source and images: Rainer Tausch, email 3 September 2014]