Suziki Nagoya Suzuki was established in 1887 by founder Masakichi suzuki ( died 1944 ). Nagoya Suzuki first started making stringed instruments like the violin , oud , lute etc. In approx 1911 Masakichi Suzuki made the first Japanese domestic guitar available to the public , the Masakichi Suzuki No.1.

When Masakichi Suzuki died in 1944 ( the end of occupied Japan ) Nagoya Suzuki was then inherited by Umeo suzuki ( eldest son ). Kikuo was made president of the brother company Kiso suzuki est1951 ( although i have found evidence of pre 1950 made Kiso Suzuki guitars ) and another son Shinichi Suzuki founded the Suzuki violin and guitar methods .

Kiso suzuki were tasked with making Suzuki OEM branded guitars ie. Kansas , Oakland , Takeharu , Hillbilly, Holly , Famous , Sonoro, Thomas , Tomson , Maxx , Sunrise , Jason ,Tthunder , J Watson and Co , and to fill orders by other well established brands like Fernandes, Ibanez , Calace , Shinano , Aria , Zen-on ,Bbluebell along with Tama and Bluebell factory ( Fujigen )
How to date a suzuki guitar ?
Nagoya Suzuki have 6 digit serial numbers ( the first 2 being the build year the then model build #001 etc ) stamped on the inside neck heel block , from early production up until the early 80s where they changed from the generic white Suzuki label and 6 digits to 7 and in the early 90,s 8 digits … they ended guitar production in 1991 not 1987 as found on the internet , nagoya suzuki high end build guitars are three s W500 and up to w1200 all solid jacaranda back and sides ..and early 70s handicraft ..
Kiso suzuki -pre 1970 kiso suzukis have the model and year ( anne or anno ) stamped on the labeluntil 1970 . [Source: Jarrod Amohau, email 14/11/2015]

My first guitar that I received in 1974 was a Suzuki nylon string.

Here are some early Japanese Suzuki catalogs:

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Suzuki guitar label Suzuki Violin Co guitar label