StukleyStukely guitar headstock 1998-2007 Stukely guitars were made by luthier Lou Barry, Charlottetown Canada. A web site was around  for Stukely Studio until 2007 but was not available at 2010.  Info and images from the archive:

“My enchantment with the guitar dates back some 30 odd years, when I received my very first instrument, a “Silvertone” electric from “Sears” which was given to me as a Xmas present. Needless to say I was enthralled with the instrument then and I have been playing and building guitars ever since. Over the years I have perfected my craft to the point where today I am extremely proud to offer both the “StukelyQuad1” and “Stukely Solo1” models. I believe any musician who plays a “Quad1” will be quite pleased with its weight and feel and its overall playability to say nothing of the “Kick Ass” response from the “QuadRail” pickups. This is one loud mean machine and designed primarily for the rock musician. The Solo1 on the other hand is more conventional in design and is equipped with the famous “Lace” humbucking pickups for a somewhat mellow tone, suitable for jazz, blues and country. Whatever your style I think you will find a “Stukely Guitar” model just right for you. [Lou Barry, 2004] The guitars featured chambers as per this image:

” see the history of the “Stukely “guitar I just posted on the Vintaxe Website Forum but it pretty well answers most of the questions you have posed. As a summery I would say my interest in guitars started back in the early 60’s when I was a member of a local Rock Band and up until 1998 I had experimented and built a handful of instruments as a hobby all of which have since ended up in a landfill site. After a good deal of urging from local musicians in1998 I started building in earnest for the retail market and I did so until around 2007. Although I had no formal training in Lutherie I was an accomplished Woodworker, so the transition to Instrument building was a rather easy one and as I had a well equipped workshop where I resided, this is where I built all of my Instruments. Most of my Guitars were sold online across North America and as far away as Hawaii and gratefully I received positive feedback from most if not all of my clients. One of the regrets I have had however is, I never stamped any of my Instruments with a serial number or build date as I never thought they would become a collectable or historical item. The only reference I can give you in this regard is that they were all built within the 1998-2007 time frame. [Source: Lou Barry email 8/6/2010]

Stukely guitar chambers

Quad I

Stukely Quad I Stukely Quad I reverse

Solo I

Stukely Studios Solo 1 Solo 1 Stukely reverse