Steve Barkman

1989- Luthier, Dunedin, New Zealand. Fine handmade guitars, mandolins, bouzoukis, citterns, mandocellos.

“I made my first guitar in 1989, at this date (March 2011) I’m working on my 150th instrument.

I was a ‘hobby’ builder and repairer until redundancy in 1998. Since then I’ve been full-time building and repairs.

I have a workshop (6m x 10m 2-bedroom kit-set type house) in Macandrew Bay on Otago Peninsula, Dunedin, New Zealand.
Dating Steve Barkman instruments

All of my instruments are signed and dated on underside of soundboard. some have labels also.

More recently I’ve been marking the back’s centre strip with ‘SB’ #xxx month/year.
Almost all of my modest output is custom ordered and includes acoustic guitars, ukuleles, mandolins and bouzoukis, there are a couple of 6-string electric basses and one ‘strat’-style electric guitar.
While most of my output has been with more ‘traditional’ woods, Sitka, Rosewood, Mahogany etc. I do like to use NZ natives when I can source them, Kauri (not ‘swamp’) Tanekaha, Black Maire, Puriri Kahikatea, NZ Beech, Matai have all made fine instruments.” [Source and image; Steve Barkman, email 5/3/2010]