Joel Stehr, guitars from Spokane, Washington USA

Made since” 2005 is pretty close. Spokane, WA

Dating Stehr guitars
The tag in the sound hole will say the serial number, as well as the guitar number and the year it was made. The serial number does so as well. For example the serial number starts with the model abbreviation (AD auditorium, OO for OO, GA grand auditorium, J jumbo, SJ small jumbo, CL classical) and the numbers to follow are the guitar # and last year. If a label says AD7313, it’s an Auditorium, #73, year 2013. I put a V at the end if it’s a Venetian cutaway or F it’s a Florentine cutaway. AD7313F or AD7313V or AD7313 with no cutaway. I hope that all made sense. There’s probably an easier way to explain this.
The month it was completed is in my files, not on the guitar. Just the year.” [Source and images: Joel Stehr, email 7/3/2013]