Standel 1952-1974, 1997 to present “In the late 1960’s Standel, based in California, was an amplifier manufacturer that had made several half-hearted attempts to get into guitar production. Somehow they hooked up with the Harptone company of Newark, New Jersey which was a well-known case manufacturer with some background in guitar production. Harptone commissioned New Jersey luthier Sam Koontz, known for his original archtop creations, to design a line of hollowbody instruments and set up the production line. The guitars were offered in a range of models branded Standel, and distributed out of California.

Soon enough, the Standel company ran into financial trouble and the guitars were re-branded Harptone, and sold for another few years out of New Jersey. Although the Harptone line lasted into the early ’70’s the company soon focused on acoustic guitars and the electrics were discontinued. [Source and image courtesy of RetroFret]

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Standel serial number labelStandel ? 1967 made in Harptone factory