Stan Hinesley 2004-2012 Stan Hinesley handcrafted pickups from USA.

Stan Hinesley began playing guitar at 13 and a few years later switched to bass. By the age of 15 he was performing regularly around town in Albany Georgia. In 1976, I started playing six-nighters with a local oldies/ disco/ jazz/ top-40 show band called Encore, and in 1980 I hit the southeast club circuit with The Ohio Express (Yummy, Yummy).

During the eighties, I toured with Angel’s Flight…a great little rock/new wave club band out of Central Florida and had the pleasure to work with John Cook from the Orlando/Winter Park area, one of the finest guitarists I’ve ever heard. John if you’re out there, I’d love to hear from you… During the nineties, I played around Macon in a weekend country trio called Derringer. He did guitar and amp work since first started playing. In the early nineties he attended Middle Georgia Tech in Macon Georgia to study electronics. In 1997 he opened TGS Technologies in Macon He relocaated to South Florida in 1998 and started HAS Sound. HAS Sound made Custom Electronics for Guitar and Bass
Passive Controls, Prewired Harnesses and Stan Hinesley Hand Wound Pickups.

Stan started winding pickups in 2004. By around 2012 his web site annoinced that he was putting pick up making on hold.