Stagg Vintage Stagg Guitars

Stagg logo at top is from Japan made guitars.

Lower one is modern – made in China.

This is a 1970s Les Paul type Stagg that was originally purchased in Australia. It seems to have no external markings anywhere except for the “Stagg” decal. The wood has a very nice and rich color.
It weighs around 3.5 kilograms (7.7 pounds). The Fretboard is rosewood and the body is mostly hollow ply with blocks under the bridge. The fret markers seem to be plastic imitation mother of pearl and the headstock inlay is mother of pearl.
The pickups are 1974 Nishin Onpa (Maxon) as found on Greco and Ibanez guitars of that period. The pickup serial numbers suggest a manufacture date of June 1974 but of course the guitar may have been assembled after that date. [Source: Kenn Gordon, emailMay 2015]