Staccato 1978-? Staccato was a little British company that made a name for itself painstakingly making out of fiberglass the oddest drums you’ve never seen. But founder Pat Townshend’s real passion was to make truly great and equally odd guitars. And with the financial backing of a little band called the Rolling Stones, his dream became a reality for a short while (about 200 instruments worth between 1985 and 1987). Staccato players included Mick Jagger, Bill Wyman, Gene Simmons of Kiss, and Lemmy of Motorhead.

The Staccato MG bass features a magnesium alloy neck-through-body core elegantly mated to an ergonomic fiberglass shell with four Allen screws, much like a Travis Bean. Unlike the Travis Bean design, however, the Staccato’s strings don’t have to come off to detach the body and all of the goodies therein are attached directly to the neck core. The fingerboard is made of industrial plastic. The tuners are at the body in Steinberger headless fashion.

This 1986 Staccato MG bass is all original, serial number 061/43. The electronics are active and colorful. [Source: ebay]

Stoccato instruments were in the Nomad Drum case building between Led Zep and The Who practice spaces in England. [Source: Merv Kosar, email 30/8/2010]

The date of manufacture is written under the scratch plate – pick up assembly