Sonola was founded in 1935 in Castelfidardo, Italy. In 1973 the brand was acquired by Guerrini. There also was a Sonola Accordion Co. in Chicago. [Source: Accordian links ]

The Sonola story is covered in The Guild Guitar Book ( page 9). Al Dronge made quite a bit of money with the Sonola business during the accordion boom and that’s how he had been able to start Guild Guitars at the end of 1952. By the time the company moved from New York to Hoboken, NJ in 1956, the accordion business was still flourishing. [Source: Lets talk Guild]

It would appear that Sanola amps in the USA were rebadged Guild amps. (Image eBay Sifuruss)

Sonola amp 

There is also an Australian made range of Sanola amps.  Ron Pearce Music were the sole importers of SONOLA accordions in Australia and the name Sonola was used under Licence from Sonola Italy.  Sonola amps were made for guitar ,bass and accordion between the years approx. 1968 to 1975, at RON PEARCE MUSIC’S (founded 1954) workshop in Hindley St Adelaide.  Manfred Baer was the technician who was employed by the company. He later went on to form MHB Amplifiers. [Source: Peter Miller, Ron Pearce Music, email 3/3/2009]

Image: Grouse Guitars