Solwayer 2008- Solwayer Guitars is a small firm based in northern Cumbria, UK.

“Solwayer Guitars started out in 2008. We are a small design / manufacturing business based in northern Cumbria in the UK, batch-building solid-body electric guitars to our own designs. We use traditional craft-based techniques and processes – all work is carried out by hand or with small workshop machines. Our guitars are simple and straightforward in concept – we source top-quality woods, pickups and hardware, we have a meticulous approach to construction, and we employ traditional finishing techniques, to produce guitars that are old-school workhorses with class.

Dating Solwayer Guitars

We stamp serial numbers on the back of the headstock of each guitar, in the format 000XXYZ, where:

– 000 is the number of the guitar, e.g. 010 is the tenth guitar we made (we don’t restart the numbering each year)
– XX is the year, e.g. 10 is 2010

– Y is the guitar model (we have three models, Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3, denoting different pickup configurations)

– Z is the body wood, e.g A=ash, K=korina and M=mahogany.

We also stamp the number of the guitar only in a simplified form inside the neck pocket of the body, e.g our tenth guitar is simply stamped 10 [Source: John, Solwayer Guitars, email 31/5/2010]

Images Solwayer Type 2 Korina , logo and serial number courtesy of Solwayer.