Shiro 1970-1982 Shiro guitars were copies of USA classics Les Paul, SG, 335 etc. plus some original shapes.

The following is provided courtesy of S Gravel who provided the following information from Aria:

“Shiro” guitars had been produced by ARIA TATSUNO & ARIA NAGOYA GUITAR FACTORIES around 1970 – 1982 or 1983.
In Aria classic guitar line made in Japan, we had two lines, one was A550-series that had been sold by Aria Germany, BSA Musikinstrumente GmbH, and AC-series had been sold under the name of “Shiro” by Gotthold Meyer. “Shiro” is named from Shiro Arai, founder of ARIA GUITARS, ARAI & CO., INC.”


“I remember SHIRO guitars, firstly Gotthold Meyer in Germany wanted
to have Guitars from us, but we had BSA Musik for ARIA, and we named
as “SHIRO” for Gotthold, the name of SHIRO was chosen as No. 1 quality
products in Germany at that time.

I will read his e-mails of Nigel Barker, when I have a time.

Best regards,

Shiro Arai
ARAI & CO., INC.,” [Source: email exchange between rep from Aria, UK and Mr Shiro Arai 29/8/2011 provided to me by Nigel Barker, Sydney Australia 7/2/2014. Thanks also to Nigel for providing label photo below]

One acoustic guitar mentioned at Vintaxe had  a manufacturers label, which reads:
Model No.576N
Made in Japan

Page from Shiro catalog

Images electric Shiro guitar courtesy of Enso.Shiro guitarShiro guitar