Came across the Shelby brand on a Les Paul copy at Guitars Canada forum.  Was thought to be 70 Japanese guitar. There are also Fender copies with this brand name.

Note that from in March 2017 they were selling a Shelby branded acoustic guitar from the early 1960s with the following history of Shelby guitars:

“J.W. Gallagher started building Shelby brand guitars in the Slingerland Drum factory in Shelbyville, TN in ’63.  In ’65 he & his son Don made the first Gallagher guitar, the G-50.  This particular Shelby folk model is quite rare indeed & represents an important piece of history in the development of Gallagher guitars.”

see Gallagher guitars




Images Shelby Les Paul Custom copy ebay in 2011 (guitar date unknown).

This 1985 Shelby Telecaster image was shared by Ben Van Dyk from Canada who owned the instrument.
Shelby Telecaster