Sexauer Guitars 1967 to present. “I have been building guitars since 1967. My workshop is behind my home in Petaluma California USA, All of my instruments are signed and dated on the label. My guitars are also signed and the year written (as on other “Art”) on the neck block and under the top between the X members and the bridgeplate. I think I have done that from the beginning.

The 52 Schoenbergs I  have made all have the identical label info to my own, the only difference in labeling being the nomenclature wherein I call my own OM (for instance) an FT-15 (Flat Top, 15″) and his is called an ES-15. Otherwise the same signature locationsand date recording. For the last ten years I have made 3/4 of the new Schoenbergs. Other current builders include Robert Anderson in Victoria, BC, Canada (about 8), Alan Perlman in San Francisco (2), and James Russell in Redding, CA (5 or 6).” [Source: Bruce Sexauer, email, 24/7/2008 ]


“I have now made 64 Schoenbergs … There was a time when 1/3 of my work was under the Schoenberg  label, but now it is about 1/6th. I am probably best known for my JB  series of asymmetrical MultiScale guitars which push the Martinesque envelope in a serious way!” [Source: Bruce Sexauer, email 26/5/2010]