Schwartz Guitars 1992 to present “I started building guitars in 1992.

Dating Schwartz guitars

With the exception of the first couple of guitars, all my guitars have a serial number on the neck block, which represents the number built.  Early serial numbers include the date. The date on all my guitars is written in pencil on the inside of the top on the bass side of the sound hole.  I’ve also signed the guitar there and written the information backwards so you can read it easily with a mirror.

Early guitars do not have a label, but the information is still in pencil on the inside of the top.
On almost every guitar, except for a few early ones and the guitar with  the wolf inlay, the neck is attached with an unglued dovetail that is secured by  a screw through the neck block.

Pre 1998  guitars have the ‘cat’s ears’ headstock.

The guitars have been built in Loretto, Ontario, Canada since 2000.  Pre 2000 guitars were built in Toronto, Ontario.

Post 2003 guitars have my logo on the headstock.  Guitars with art work  may have the logo on the back of the headstock.

Post 2005 guitars have an ‘X’ braced back.

All my guitars have had bound fingerboards, usually Ebony on Ebony.

All my guitars have solid linings on the back.” [Source: Sheldon Schwarz, email 24/7/2008 ]