Sankey 1999- “I built my first guitar in 1997. I didn’t build one with intent for sale to the general public until 1999 though.
I’ve lived and worked in Ottawa, Canada, for my whole life. I’ve kept a workshop in my home, which has changed addresses a few times, but always in Ottawa.Telling when your Michael Sankey guitar was made
Pretty much all of my guitars will have my name and the year of manufacture inscribed on them somewhere. Acoustic guitars will have a soundhole label, and usually my signature and year written on the underside of the soudboard. Electric guitars usually have my name (“M. Sankey”) and year of manufacture woodburned in the neck pocket or at the bottom of a pickup rout.
I don’t have a catalog, though pretty much everything I’ve build for sale has a page in the gallery section of my website.
On all except four early archtop guitars, my logo has been this (without my name, necessarily), either photo-transferred or pearl-inlaid into the headstock”. [ Source and images: Michael Sankey, email 18/2/2014]