Sandy Sanderson

Sandy Sanderson The following information was taken from the internet archive – pages available 2002-2007:

“I was born in Sunderland England in 1954. I served an apprenticeship in optical engineering in York completing my time as a draughtsman. I worked as a design draughtsman before training to become a technical teacher. I taught in Keighley, West Yorkshire for five years before moving to New Zealand in 1986, taking up residence in Te Kauwhata. At present I am the Middle Dean at Te Kauwhata College, and teach in the technology department. I have had success designing, building, and competition flying model aircraft, being a New Zealand National Champion for five consecutive years. Currently I play electric bass guitar in an amateur Celtic / Folk band . Since learning to play bass, I had been fascinated with the sound of a fretless bass, and on completion of helping a friend make an electric guitar out of Swamp Kauri, I decided to make myself a fretless bass. My wife seeing the results of these two instruments ordered herself an electric mandolin which I modeled on my Jazz bass, resulting in a very ‘cute’ and easy to play instrument. The action is nice and low, sounds great, and it looks beautiful! For the instruments I source the Swamp Kauri locally which has been carbon dated to 400 B.C. Although the timber can be a little heavier than traditionally used timbers, such as Ash or Alder, it does impart superior qualities of sustain and tone to the instrument. Each instrument is unique and made to exploit the characteristics of the timber used. No two instruments are ever alike.”