Sanchis Lopez Sanchis history of guitar making goes back to 1915 when Ricardo Sanchis Nacher (1881-1960) a talented luthier with close ties to Manuel Ramirez, Gonzalez and Domingo Esteso, founded his own shop. The Ricardo Sanchis factory is now led by his grandson, Ricardo Sanchis Carpio, born (1937). Ricardo has been awarded with a master degree in guitar construction since 1970. Recently, adding the fourth generation of luthiers to the Sanchis family, Ricardo’s sons, David and Herman Sanchis Lopez, have joined him. Although their production line of flamenco guitars are still made under Ricardo’s supervision, they are now marketed as “Guitarras Hermanos Sanchis Lopez”. [Source and image eBay]

Hnos Sanchis Lopez guitar label