Roger Borys 1974- Roger Borys began building guitars in 1974. Doing guitar repair and making custom flattops paved the way for the first carved archtop made in the 1978. By 1982 there were 33 Borys Guitars, including seven archtops, some with suspended pickups and some with built in pickups.

Between 1980 and 1983 Roger Borys worked in collaboration with jazz great Barry Galbraith and luthier James D’Aquisto to develop a professional quality jazz electric. The Barry Galbraith BG100 with laminated top and builit-in pickup was made for performance and playability.

While making the BG 100 for many top players, other Borys models evolved. In 1985 the Barry Galbraith BH100 was named the DELUXE and two more JAZZ ELECTRICS were introduced, the JAZZ SOLID and the CUSTOM. From the DELUXE they go in a more electric direction with two pickups and more sustain.

The JAZZ SOLID looks like a solidbody, but plays like an archtop. The resonant body gives the amplified sound its voice. The CUSTOM is a thinner hollowbody with great sustain. With jazz style tailpiece and ebony bridge, they are true JAZZ ELECTRICS. Stud-mounted bridge and tailpiece take them in a blues direction. In 1985 the first seven string DELUXE was finished and a seven string JAZZ SOLID followed in 1987.  [Source:  Wayback Machine ]

Made Burlington Vermont USA

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