RegalRegal guitaar headstock 1884-1966. 1987-present The Regal Musical Instrument Company, established 1908 in Chicago, produced thousands of student-grade and high-quality custom instruments. Musicians who wanted something really stylish had instruments built by the Regal custom shop. Regal was one of the world’s largest instrument manufacturers during the 1930s through the 1950s. [Source: MOMI]

Regal brand history

A Harmony Brand

Built in Chicago used Dobro resonators. Regal is thought to have built Alhambra, Bruno, More Harmony, Orpheum.  [Source:  The Hawaiian Steel Guitar and Its Great Hawaiian Musicians By Lorene Ruymar ]

Images of early 1930s Regal Parlor courtesy of Nicolas Dussart, France 2008:

Regal Musical Instrument Co Chicago badge The Mark of Better InstrumentsRegal guitar label