Philip Porter 2002- Philip Porter Guitars

” The company started in 2002. Manchester Stockport firstly in Hallam mill 2002-2007 since then in pear mill Stockport.

Dating Philip Porter guitars

Usually written on them either back of headstock or under pickup.

I was trained at Leeds college of music for 1998 -2002 ND and HND in music instrument repair and manufacture under Ted Lee a great man from the local area.

At present I work repairing instruments and when I find the time I make instruments all are one off bespoke instruments mostly of my own design but I do some custom building work, I do however have a patented design of guitar I am looking to take to market soon that I am hopping to base a new company around that will have a date system and all the other bits. “[Source: Philip Porter, email, 3/6/2010]