Petros Guitars 1970s to present Father and son luthiers, Bruce and Matthew Petros, Kaukauna, Wisconsin, USA

Dating Petros guitars

“My guitars are dated on the label visible right through the sound hole.

I also have a serial number stamped into the neck block starting with my 33rd guitar. I built 32 guitars in my first phase of building and they are hand labeled. After a 5 year break where I built pipe organs, I reorganized and redesigned everything. The serial number of that first guitar in phase two is 32001. The 32 signifies the first 32 guitars, you then add the other numbers to 32 to get the actual number in order. So all subsequent serial numbers start with 32. Or, the last three numbers show the chronologic order in phase 2! Simple, yet complex! Thanks. [Source: Bruce Petros, Petros Guitars, Inc. 345 County Rd. CE. Kaukauna, WI 54130. , email 21/3/2008]

Image 1978 & 2008 Petros ebay: