PeerlessPeerless guitar headstock 1970 to present “Actually we started to produce guitars in 1970 and Peerless brand also was born at the same time, but we focused on OEM at that time. We have tried to concentrate on our own brand, Peerless a few years ago and do our best to make the best guitars and let people to know the Peerless name as many as. Peerless is getting well-known brand in Europe, UK, US and Australia.

The factory is located in Gimhae, South Korea and the head office is in Busan, Korea. All Peerless guitars are made in Gimhae factory.

Dating Peerless guitars

We use the serial number as PA0901001 and PE0901001. PA is Peerless Acoustic and PE is Peerless Electric, 09 is year, 01 is month and 001 is the order of output schedule. For example of PA0903122, this guitar is acoustic and planed to produce as 122th in March. ” [Source: Seo Young Lee (Min) / Sales Manager Peerless Guitars, email 25/3/2009]

2103 Peerless guitars catalog (Warning large file 151Mb)