Peekamoose 1983 to present “I established Peekamoose Custom Guitars as a company 25 years ago in 1983.  Prior to starting the current CS line I was making one off totally custom to order instruments, which I still do but most people do not require instruments in the full custom price point.

The instruments shown on the Peekamoose site are our custom shop limited production models.  We began making them in 2003.   The CS instruments shown on the site employ the most requested features of the “one off” instruments but because we have standardized the product line we can make them more cost friendly.

Most of the CS instruments average between $3,700 & $4,700 USD.  The “one off” fully custom designed instruments start at roughly $6,500 up to about $15,000.  I have not kept a photo archive of the one offs.  I was not concerned about keeping track until I began to think of this from a manufacturing perspective.

We make them here at the shop in NYC, USA.  Peekamoose has been building and repairing stringed instruments for 25 years.  Our current location is shop #5.  We moved to the 30th street location in April of 2005.  Before that we were on 46th street for about 18 years. We were in one suite for about five years then moved to a larger suite on the same floor.  Prior to that we were on Broadway for two years. And before that on the east side for about two years.

We build instruments to order and we make a few to keep around as demo models for the shop.

Dating Peekamoose guitars

It’s a limited production operation, if someone were to buy one from a previous owner, the new owner would have to call or e-mail the shop, give us the serial number and we’d look it up.  There is no clever coded dating scheme.

Anyone purchasing one of our instruments second hand can contact us and we should be able to ID the instrument.  Our company was built on the premise of strong customer support.  We have been doing warranty product support for most of the major guitar manufacturers for as long as we have been in business.  Doing that level of support has been and continues to be a very useful education.”

[Source: Paul Schwartz, Peekamoose Custom Guitars, New York, email 21/7/2008]