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Pedal boards  A- L | M - Z 29/11/2013

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Tell me about ones I am missing

Arion Power Supply Board PSB-06

Image ebay:

Arion Power Supply Effects Pedal Board PSB-06

Supplies 9V 400mA power


Bed Room Boards

Bed Room Pedal board

Bedroom Boards are 100% custom, hand built pedal boards employing a unique system of convoluted foam & shag carpet to keep your pedals warm and safe when you're away from home



Features/ reviews


Behringer PB1000 is the larger of 2 pedal boards offered by Behringer

The Behringer PB1000 is the larger of 2 pedal boards offered by Behringer.  It features a built in power supply.

Ultra-compact and lightweight pedal board for transporting up to 12 effects pedals
Generous 1.7 A power adapter included for powering more than 12 devices*—includes all cabling

The smaller model (PB600) holds 6 pedals.

Black Bird Custom pedalboards

Blackbird Pedalboards combine several unique features that make them the most practical board on the market, while still retaining the eye-catching looks to set it apart. With an eye on customizing, every one of our boards is created with Its user in mind. From color to layout YOU are in control of creating the perfect custom pedalboard


BOSS The BCB-60 Pedal Board

Boss makes a range of plastic moulded pedal boards.  The BCB-60 is the larger model.  Ideal for the BOSS range of pedals - more problematic with some other styles of pedals. 

C & C Cases

C&C pedal cases

Custom boards, Croydon Victoria, Australia

Charlies Pedal Board

Very cool - lots of configurations - made in Korea


Coast Pedal Boards

Coast pedal boards

Coast Pedal Boards does not appear to be around any more - their web site was up in 2006-2008 according to the wayback machine.  Here is some info from the machine - they look pretty cool..

Coast Pedal Boards hold up to 16 pedals on a board that is durable, rigid, strong and rugged. We use an ingenious channel design so you can route any type of cable through the board to achieve the configuration that best suits your unique needs. Coast Pedal Boards hold up to 250lbs of gear and feature adjustable feet.


Two sizes:

Standard size has a working surface of 35" x 15".

Short size has a working surface of 17.5" x 15".

Were made in Carp, Ontario, Canada


Coffin Case

MODEL SK-110 [left]
The SK-110 Pedal Board is a rugged hard case with a skull emobssed vinyl exterior just like the Dark Line cases. The SK-110 also features a removable lid, a two-level pedal surface with the top step angled for easy access, and a side slot to perfectly fit your power strip and adapters.


Core Equipment

Core Equipment pedal board Core Equipment pedal board

The pedal board with the microphone stand integrated is a nice touch...

CNB Pedal Boards and cases    

Custom Audio Electronics

Bob Bradshaw - pedal board and switching system maker for the stars.  Also custom power supplies





Danelectro pedal board

Minicase (left) and

Cool Cat (below) Tough and durable pedalboards by Danelectro can hold up to 5 cool cat pedals.

Danelectro Cool Cat CB1 Pedalboard includes DC supply and all cables.
Danelectro Coolcat pedal board

DC Case and Cabinet Co Reviews  


Diago pedal board


DIY / Do it yourself Pedal Boards

See Ikea Gorm below and here are some other resources:

Regis Coyne

Engadget - How to build your own pedal board.


Cartoon your pedal board  | Pedalboard Planner



Electroharonix pedal board



Emma Electronic AmARHyll Pedalboards

AmARHyll Pedalboards





Pedal Boards made in the UK - Leicestershire.  




The Pedal Board is a solid, non-slip base for up to 8 pedal effects that lets you leave everything powered up and patched together as you like it
Pedal effects attach securely to a 12” x 25” Velcro pad during performance and transport
Included padded travel case is sturdy and roomy, fits the Pedal Board with all effects attached, has two internal storage pouches, and includes a shoulder strap
True stereo effects return, external effects loop, and amplifier outputs
Eight individually protected 9VDC outlets, with 8 included power cords
Three widely spaced 120VAC, 15A outlets allow enough room for “wall warts”
All power and signal jacks are insulated and isolated, eliminating noisy ground loops
Solid 1/4” polycarbonate platform and rugged power supply/patch bay steel chassis will withstand years of on-stage use and abuse
Furman’s quality power conditioning with 15A circuit breaker, spike/ surge protection, and RFI filter
Patch bay’s dual stereo loops allow nearly infinite patching combinations
Toroidal transformer assures no hum field will contaminate sensitive effects boxes and pedals
Five detachable rubber feet assure stable, sure performance without rocking or flexing
Extra-long 10-foot AC cord


Another review



Gator pedal board

Gator makes a range of pedal boards. Some models include power supplies.

30" X 16" Wood Pedal Board w/ Black Nylon Carry Bag; Includes G-Bus-8 Power Supply W/ (8) 9V & (3) 18V Outputs & Cables

Gator also make a pedal case that doubles as a guitar stand per below.
Gator case with guitar stand


GLX Pedal Board

GLX pedal board

All the pedals are powered from the 1 power supply built into the board, which runs on a standard UK 240 mains socket.

The board will house and power pedals from most manufacturers. You can either remove the foam cutouts to insert GLX/Boss sized pedals, or leave them in and the pedals will sit on the non-slip surface. There are also 2 longer spare power feeds - so you can use up to 2 extra effects, even if you can't fit them on the board. There's 2 separate loops on the board too, so you can run a loop through the effects chain on you amp, and a loop in between the guitar and amp too.


Grid 1 Pedal Jeanie

Grid 1 Pedal Jeanie Junior

Battery powered pedal board
10 built-in DC barrel connections
8 individual 9v connections (750mA ea.)
2 dedicated 12v connection (1500mA ea.)
DC Cables, battery charger and tie wraps included
16 gauge steel chassis
Master stomp switch for easy on/off operation
LED fault indicator light for each pedal connection
Battery level LED (Green, Orange, Red)
Dual rechargeable batteries (4.5 Amp Hr.)
Universal smart charger
Stainless steel carrying handle
Ultra quiet operation
Powers 10 standard 9v pedals for up to 50 hrs
Ikea Gorm

Ikea Gorm - a great platform for a pedal board.

This is probably the cheapest pedal board you can buy.  In Australia you can get a Gorm shelf kit with 4 shelves for $50 so share them with your mates.  There are a number of threads highlighting this do it yourself pedal board including

Harmony Central

The Gear Page

Preston Music


Johnson FX-BRD Powered Pedal Board

Johnson FX-BRD pedal board

The Johnson FX-BRD is an affordable powered pedal board. Carrying bag includes a soft, padded interior with a wood base. The base is removable to allow access to effects. Included with the bag is a velcro strip that you can cut and stick to the bottom of the pedal, then just place it on the cloth wrapped base to securely hold it in place. The power strip includes 6 outlet plugs, one input for the AC adapter (included), and a red LED power light. 8 power cables are also included with the bag for attaching pedals to the power strip. Comes With: (5) Barrel style connectors, (2) 1/8" plug'in connectors, (1) 9V battery style connector, and shoulder strap. Measures 22" x 15" x 4".


Lava Cable

Modular - weird
  • Large Nylon Case w/carrying handles and external pocket (26" x20")
  • 14 each 4”x6” Lava CPS Single Piece (ABS)
  • 2 each side aluminum reinforcing bars
  • 3 each aluminum bottom fastening plates
  • 4 each ABS base plates
  • 2 each carrying handles
  • 6’ Dual Lock Velcro
  • 20 each Rubber Feet w/screws
  • 3” Phillips Screw driver
  • 3/8” Open End Economy Wrench
  • Machine screws and locking nuts for assembly

LYT Pedal Boards

Lyt Pedal Board

Cool idea. 

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