Hartley Peavey

Peavey was founded by Hartley Peavey in 1965 building amps. Guitars were added 1978. [ Source: Wikipedia ]  They also made drums.

Dating Peavey Guitars

the official word from the Peavey web site is to send serial number of your Peavey product by email to customerservice@peavey.com or the Peavey forum at


Peavey Wolfgang 1996-2004 http://www.wolfgangguitars.com/

Peavey product catalogs

2000 Peavey new products

Peavey Monitor 2008

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Peavey Speaker Catalog 2011

Peavey Product Catalog 2011

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Peavey Forum

Image 1982 Peavey Bass and guitar and Amp in Case eBay ? 1980s:

Peavey guitar and amp in case

Peavey Rockingham courtesy of Kenn Gordon 2014.

Peavey Rockhingham Kenn Gordon