Paldacci 2013-

Benjamin Paldacci lutherie.
“My name is Benjamin Paldacci, I am French, and I’m 26. I started the national School of Lutherie at Quebec City, Canada, in 2009. I Finished my studies in May, and create my Workshop in September at Quebec City (I have all woods I need but I must buy Tools and Machinery). I don’t see my name like a Brand, I am just a luthier who wants to create the best guitars I can.
My guitars are made in Quebec City, Canada, near Montmorency Falls.
How to tell when your Paldacci guitar was made
If you need to tell the date of manufacture, I put a label sticker inside the guitar, on the back. I think that I’ll put a kind of logo inside too, but I need to think of it so, not yet 🙂
Here is a picture of the sticker. I sign it, write the year and the # with a pencil.” [Source and images: Benjamin Paldacci, email 26/8/2013]