Northern Guitars

Northern Guitars imported into Canada from Japan in the 80’s Here is a Guitars Canada thread with some pics

Made by YAMAKI in Japan
They were distributed out of Burlington Ontario and had a distinctive maple leaf inlay on the fretboard for all models.

They show up often in music store & Kijiji & pawn shops. Not bad quality. built by Kasuga Gakki

Here is a good My Les Paul Forum thread with info.

Here is some history

Northern Audio operated out of Burlington Ontario back in the 70’s/80’s and was owned and operated by Harry Dunnett until he passed away. They primarily sold the full line of J. Chalmers Doane triangular ukuleles, as well as traditional ukes. I can’t remember if they also sold guitars. They did indeed have an amazing concert-sized “Martin” copy concert ukulele! Taken from Torontoukes
[Source: Ben van Dyk, Canada, email 24/5/2011]

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